How to organize the camp with camping tables and chairs

Never underestimate the importance of review about best backpacking spork, camping tables, with chairs and stools! Here is a shortlist of tips on how to organize your pitch to eat comfortably and enjoy the relaxation!

Have you booked your holidays? Are you going to have two weeks of camping this year? Then you need to know how to organize your pitch perfectly: camping tables and chairs to enjoy your lunches and dinners outdoors, but also towels, stools for neighbors, cupboards and other essential utensils.

Here’s how to get started:

  • Lay a suitable floor, which will delimit your pitch
  • Tent
  • Take tables, chairs, stools and start arranging them; I’ll explain how.

The table should be placed away from the entrance of the tent

The reason is simple; if you mount it too close to the front door:

First, it will be uncomfortable to get in and out of the tent;
Second, you may attract insects or other animals directly into your bed.
And then, it’s always better to keep the stove away from the fabrics: be careful, therefore, to place the camping table at a sufficient distance from the tent. All around, place the chairs: choose as many as are sufficient to sit all the guests, plus one to support any tools, paper towels, tea towels, etc..

There are two types of camping table:

  • Those with independent chairs
  • The ones with built-in chairs.

The first are the classic tables to which we are all accustomed: the chairs can be transported separately, or be inserted into the case formed by the same table closed.

The latter, on the other hand, have the chairs or benches anchored to the structure, making it even easier to dismantle and transport them, and keeping the pitch even tidier. Having the chairs always tied to the table, in fact, you will avoid finding yourself with the chairs dispersed in the four corners of the world, which often happens, especially after a week of wild camping.

An extra table for stove and crockery

If you do not have a special cabinet where you can place your stove, pots, plates, cutlery, glasses, etc., it may be useful to bring a second table to the campsite, smaller and more compact, to be used as a shelf for cooking.

You don’t need a particularly valuable table, as long as it is perfectly flat and the legs are stable and solid.

Add a seat at the table

If you’re a newbie to camping, you may not know it, but camping is the place where distrust and shyness are lacking, and making friends is much easier. So why not equip yourself with a few more stools?

You could make some new friends and organize a dinner in company: a few more chairs never hurt, if you really prefer to stay in your own, you will have an extra support point to stay comfortable while you enjoy the fresh air and the chirping of cicadas.

Do you want to organize your pitch with outdoor furniture and cabinets? Take a look at the large section dedicated to camping furniture!

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