In-flight etiquette: 6 things every traveller should know

Finally the long-awaited moment has arrived: you are about to take the plane and leave for your trip. If this is your first time on a plane, or if you are not familiar with the correct etiquette of port life and the rules for travelling by plane, here is a guide to what you can and cannot do during your flight.  

The rules for travelling by air 

The row 

Don’t worry, the plane won’t take off until you’ve all gotten on. It is therefore not necessary to queue nervously hours before departure or push the neighbors in the hope of earning a few meters. In addition to being an unpleasant practice, it is often also useless, since in some cases, after checking in, it is necessary to take a shuttle to get to the plane and get on board.   

The ticket  

Don’t miss out on your travel ticket, whether it’s printed on paper or downloaded to your smartphone. You’ll have to show it to the airport staff to pass through the security checks, reached the departure gate and finally on the tailgate of the plane so you can find your seat.   

The seat 

Once you have found your seat, place your luggage in the hat box and take your place quickly; once the plane has taken off, you will have time to calmly search for everything you need. We invite you to listen carefully to the directions of the flight attendants before you relax and travel peacefully. 

Before reclining the seat, if you want to do so, make sure you do not bother anyone, be careful because, for example, there may be a mother with a baby in her arms, or someone who is having a snack. Sit down composed, respecting your neighbors and always avoiding pointing your knees at the seat in front of yours.  

Travelling by air with children 

It is right that all passengers should show understanding for the needs of the youngest and help you when needed, but in the same way try to make sure that they disturb your fellow travelers as little as possible.  

Mobile phone 

The wheels have just touched the ground and you can already hear the sounds of turning on your mobile phone, messages, people who let you know that they have arrived safely and safely destination. The same goes for seatbelts: if hostesses and stewards ask to keep them fastened and to sit until the plane has stopped completely, there will be a reason. And don’t rush to queue up to get out before the doors are open.  

Don’t forget your travel insurance 

Problems during the trip? With 24-hour assistance, travel insurance will help you deal with the most common travel problems: illness and injury, delayed delivery or loss of luggage, delayed or cancelled flights, etc. As each trip is different, at InterMundial we offer you a range of policies to suit your needs: tourism, adventure travel, business travel, study holidays, etc.

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