Living and Working in New Zealand: the story of Laura and Mattia

New Zealand is not a place we often hear about and that’s what drove us to look for information and want to come, because usually young people point more to Australia while you do not consider that just 3 hours flight there is New Zealand also with many job opportunities. The secret is to know how to adapt, because coming here thinking of a career is almost impossible unless you are thinking of moving and then getting citizenship.

How to work in New Zealand, what you need

Otherwise, if you do as we do, a Working Holiday Visa will allow you to explore this magnificent land but at the same time be able to work there and be paid weekly and not monthly as we are used to in Europe, which with some caution allows you to save to continue to travel. A visa is required on the immigration website and once completed it takes a short time before they approve it, of course if everything meets the criteria they require. The next step that we recommend is to make a curriculum in English suitable for each job position to which you intend to apply, here is not worth the European curriculum!

To work in New Zealand you will need an IRD number or a tax number on which the employer will pay taxes for you (a bit like the National Insurance Number in England). Once you have done this, you can have fun looking for a job either on special sites or by going to look for it in person, because that’s how we did it too. At first we worked as kiwi collectors finding the ad on the site picknz and as for work in pizzerias and hotels we simply … knocked on the door. It seems strange but here is the only way to have a chance to find work even in places where there is not expressly exposed an ad. So now we are working as a cleaning staff in a motel in Tauranga, where we also reside.

The easiest sectors to find are undoubtedly the tourist sectors and if you know English it is a guarantee of quality to have more opportunities. Seasonal jobs such as picking fruit and vegetables are in high demand in every area and there is no need for experience or perfect English.

Why live in New Zealand?

But what drives a couple of boyfriends to go so far, when almost all their peers are married, have a steady job and many solid certainties? Simple: we wanted to have a different experience that would enrich our inner baggage and satisfy our nomadic nature that does not allow us to stay in Italy for a long time, because we are always looking for new places to visit and if to do so we can also work in the place chosen welcome! Life is one and dreams are many, you are young once and certain occasions are not repeated any more.

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