Mexico: 5 must-see places on the Riviera Maya

Our reader Ilaria decided to share her trip to Mexico with us and with you. Ilaria left for the Riviera Maya in May and came back enthusiastic about this experience, so much so that she decided to tell us about the 5 places not to be missed in this wonderful part of the world. Curious?

Who says Mexico says Maya. And that’s true. Mexico, and in particular the Mayan Riviera, is a land where a fabulous sea, white beaches and nature, embrace the archaeological ruins of an ancient and fascinating civilization. The result? Landscapes and places that will leave you breathless! Especially if in your trip, in addition to relaxing in the Caribbean Sea, you are looking for a bit of adventure.

In particular, there are 5 excursions that you can’t miss during your holiday in Mexico.

Chichen Itzá, the largest Mayan archaeological site

Here’s the first of five things not to be missed on the Mayan Riviera. A visit to Chichen Itzá is a must. In the north of the Yucatan peninsula there is the largest Mayan archaeological area, declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1988. The main attraction you will find in Chichen Itzá is El Castillo: a huge stepped pyramid with stone staircases on all four sides. In the spring and autumn equinoxes, you can see a very impressive phenomenon: a play of light and shadow caused by the sun that projects the image of a huge snake on one side of the pyramid. Among the other ruins you can see the Temple of the Warriors, the Ball Game Field (a sport with strong ritual connotations, where there were often human sacrifices), the Complex of Las Monja and El Caracol. To make the most of your trip, we recommend that you rely on a local guide and prefer the morning or late afternoon.

Tulum, the Mayan city overlooking the sea!

You won’t have to visit again a Mayan city built on a sheer drop to the sea! In Tulum you will make a journey through history among the remains of a very well preserved archaeological site (you can even see the original remains of the wall paintings) and then refresh yourself in the sea and walk on the white beaches of the Caribbean. Again, a local guide will enrich and add value to your visit.

Island of surprises: Isla Mujeres

That is, the Island of Women, is located in front of Cancun, one of the most touristy and popular places in Mexico. It is an island only 7 km long, but reserves great surprises: here you can snorkel among the fish of the coral reef, have a close encounter with dolphins and, if you are lucky, you can see sea turtles.

A dip and a nice bath in a cenote

Mexico is sea, archaeology but also nature. In addition to the expanses of agave, from which you get the tequila, you will find many cenote, one of the 5 things not to be missed on the Mayan Riviera. These are natural underground caves with fresh water. In the larger cenote you can also do scuba diving and snorkeling. In any case, a dip and a nice bath in a cenote of Mexico will make you live a unique emotion … try to believe.

Izmal, the yellow city

Finally, if you want to visit a Mexican town, just move to the hinterland of the Yucatan peninsula where in addition to Valladolid and Merida, we recommend the most characteristic Izmal. Nicknamed “The Yellow City”, it will conquer you with its architecture: palaces, churches and shops almost all painted in a golden yellow. Treat yourself to a little shopping among the local handicrafts and folk art.

These are just 5 of the many reasons that are making Mexico, and the Mayan Riviera, one of the most popular and fashionable destinations.

Well of course if you plan a trip to Mexico, you can not help but try the famous Taco! And to make them at home, here is the recipe…

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