Ryanair 2019 hand baggage: Everything you need to know

It’s time to pack your bags but you still have doubts about weight and size? You’re not the only one! There’s always a lot of confusion on the subject. In this guide we’ll tell you all about Ryanair hand luggage and the boarding procedure to follow in order to avoid paying a surcharge or penalty.

Ryanair is one of the most widely used low-cost airlines for travelers to London and the UK. In this guide we will explain what the rules are for hand luggage, what can be carried in the cabin and in the hold and how to take liquids, baby food and medicines.

Ryanair Hand Luggage Rules: How Does it Work?

Hand baggage is a small piece of baggage that you can take on board the aircraft.

All passengers on Ryanair flights are allowed to take on board (in the cabin) 1 small piece of luggage (40 x 20 x 25 cm) free of charge.

In the past, there was a certain tolerance on Ryanair flights: in addition to carry-on baggage, you could also bring an additional trolley or backpack into the cabin. In recent months, the rules on hand luggage have changed several times: currently, those who travel WITHOUT PRIORITY on Ryanair flights can not bring on board the suitcase or trolley, which will be checked at the boarding gate and placed in the hold for free. So:

  • Those who travel WITHOUT PRIORITY (Standard Fare) can bring on board (in the cabin) only 1 small bag (or a backpack or laptop bag) of the size of 40x20x25 cm, to be placed easily under the seat or in the hat box in front. Avoid filling it too much and be careful that it is not too inflated when it is full: to take it with you in the cabin, the small bag must enter the meter at the boarding gate and failure to comply with the measures will result in the payment of a penalty of € 50.
  • Those who travel with priority (Tariffa Plus or Flexi Plus) can bring on board (in the cabin) free of charge 2 hand luggage, a suitcase or trolley (maximum 10 kg, size 55x40x20 cm) and a small bag (or backpack) of the size of 40x20x25 cm.
  • In summary, the small bag (backpack, handbags or laptop) must be 40 x 20 x 25 cm in size. The second piece of hand luggage (suitcase or trolley) must be 55 x 40 x 20 cm in size with a maximum weight of 10 kg and must enter the gauge at the boarding gate.
  • The size and weight of the luggage must be carefully checked: even in this case the risk is a penalty of €50, in addition to causing delays for all passengers on board.
  • Is it impossible to bring on board (in the cabin) 2 hand luggage without priority?
  • If you are travelling WITHOUT PRIORITY, you can add 10 kg of baggage at the time of booking and take it on board. How? Select the option “Priority and 2 hand luggage”:
  • Priority and 2 Hand Luggage: This option costs 6 € and allows you to take on board (in the cabin) 2 hand luggage, namely the trolley or suitcase (maximum 10 kg, size 55x40x20 cm) and the small bag (40x20x25 cm).

What has changed since 1 May 2019?

From 1 May 2019 the new rules on hand luggage Ryanair (which had already changed in November 2018) came into force. According to the new rules, at the time of booking, even those who travel without priority can check in a second piece of hand luggage at a cost of 10 € by selecting the option “1 Checked-in Baggage of 10 kg and 1 Small Baggage”.

1 Checked-in Baggage and 1 Small Baggage: This option costs 10 € and allows you to check in 1 checked-in baggage (maximum 10 kg, size 55x40x20 cm) to be left at the check-in counter, and bring on board (in the cabin) 1 small baggage (40x20x25 cm).

ATTENTION: Baggage, with a maximum weight of 10 kg and a maximum size of 55 x 40 x 20 cm, must be checked in at the luggage storage counter (it will be possible to pick it up at the luggage belt of the airport of arrival) and NOT taken to the gate, otherwise a penalty will be paid. The fare is 10 € if the purchase is made at the time of booking the ticket or within 40 minutes of departure of the flight. If made later, it will cost 20 € if made at the baggage counter, 25 € if made at the boarding gate.

Ryanair bags, trolleys and backpacks: shopping tips

If you are going to buy a small bag, backpack or trolley the advice is to focus on quality. Avoid buying a poor product: the risk that a zipper or a wheel may break during the trip is quite real.

Rigidity or softness? For hand luggage it is preferable to opt for a soft model: it is lighter and prices are generally lower than the rigid model. The advice is to avoid storing fragile or delicate objects inside.

As far as suitcases, trolleys and backpacks are concerned, always pay attention to the dimensions! But avoid choosing one that is too small and then overfill it. The required dimensions, we remind you again, must not exceed 55 x 40 x 20 cm (wheels and handles included).

What is it possible to embark? Transportable and prohibited objects

Before boarding the aircraft, baggage is x-rayed by airport staff to ensure that its contents comply with current security regulations: not everything can be taken into the cabin. Let’s see a quick overview of what can and cannot be boarded when travelling with Ryanair.

Prohibited objects and non-transportable liquids 

Explosive or flammable substances as well as liquid or particularly toxic substances are prohibited in the cabin. No blunt objects, firearms and cutting weapons. If you have a toolbox with you, make sure it does not contain any such items. Lighters are permitted (not match), as are scissors with blades of less than 6 cm and tweezers for eyebrows. Electric shavers are also allowed in hand luggage, but make sure they have no exposed blades. Corkscrews are not allowed. For transportable liquids or substances with a similar consistency, the quantity must be checked by the appropriate staff. 

Transportable liquids, creams and make-up

Transportable liquids include water and other beverages, bath foam, lotions, perfumes, toothpaste, body creams, makeup, hair and body gels and so on.

Ryanair specifies that the permitted liquids must be transported in a container not exceeding 100 ml to be stored in a single plastic bag of maximum size of 20 cm x 20 cm transparent, resealable and with a total capacity of up to one liter to be placed in hand luggage. When you arrive at the checkpoint, keep the bag with the liquids out of the luggage because they must be checked separately.

Therefore, items such as hair straighteners, tampons, hair dryers, curling irons and makeup (mascara, eyeshadow, blusher) can be carried. For creams, after-sun products, shampoos and other liquids, the 100 ml limit must be respected.

Baby food, milk and other foods

The rule on the boarding of liquids is not provided for milk and food for children. Infant milk, powdered milk, sterilised water and baby food are allowed on board. In this case, the 100 ml rule does not apply and it will not be necessary to put them in transparent bag. However, they must be ready for security inspection if required at the airport. The advice is to keep them handy to avoid lengthy controls.

The same applies to all other solid foods (cured meats, cheeses, biscuits, moka, etc. ..), carried in hand luggage, preferably vacuum packed and always with attention to the rules of import in the countries of destination. If liquid or creamy, they fall under the rules of liquid transport.

Liquid and non-liquid medicines

Liquid medicines: they do not need to fit into the transparent bag, but must be ready for security inspection if required at the airport. The “solid” drugs needed for the entire duration of the trip are not subject to restrictions. To make it easier for you to check and avoid wasting time, you should also bring your prescription or package leaflet with you. If you have to carry syringes or needles on board, you will need a medical certificate to prove that you need them. In any case, it is always better to inform the check-in and security staff.

Strollers and baby equipment

If you are travelling with dependent children, you can carry a stroller (even a double one), a pram or a fully foldable baby carrier for each child free of charge. They must be checked in before the flight and can be used up to the aircraft stairs (they will be returned to you after landing). Only one of these items may be transported in addition: car seats, carrycots or travel cots.

Soccer balls and inflatable items

Inflatable items may be carried on Ryanair flights as long as they are partially or completely deflated before the journey.

Okay, so soccer balls, rugby balls and similar inflatables.

Musical instruments

For musical instruments that exceed the size of hand luggage (e.g. violins, guitars and cellos) they can be taken on board by booking a seat and paying the applicable fee.

Drones and cameras

Ryanair accepts the transport of drones and quadcopters in the cabin if operated by a lithium battery that does not exceed 160 watts per hour, otherwise it will not be possible to take them with you.

Fillable Standard Form 180: https://pdfliner.com/standard_form_180

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