Why start with a travel insurance policy?

Before leaving for a trip you usually look for information about the destination, the flights to reach it and the type of accommodation that you think is most appropriate depending on the holiday you plan to take. With the problems that may arise before and during your trip in mind, insurance companies offer a variety of policies that provide the assistance you need to deal with them and cover your expenses.  

There’s nothing worse than taking a holiday and having to deal with unpleasant inconveniences such as lost luggage or lost documents. Unfortunate accidents, which you can not fully control, but that you can still try to deal with through the conclusion of a travel insurance. 

Have you ever thought about taking out a travel insurance policy? Do you know the many advantages of travel insurance? If you are still not convinced, let’s see them together. 

The advantages of traveling with a travel insurance policy 

Travel insurance is essential for business travellers and holidaymakers. There is a possibility that some mishaps can ruin your trip: from the loss or theft of your luggage, from an accident during your stay to the need for medical assistance while you are travelling. Travelling with a travel insurance will give you the opportunity to leave safely, knowing that, in case of damage or injury, will allow you to get compensation or help, will limit the damage and will help you to return home without everything being lost. 

An insurance policy covers those who make a trip, so as to compensate them in the event of any inconvenience, damage, expense or problems of any kind. Whether it’s medical incidents, accidents or injuries, travel insurance is a real shield that protects the traveler. It can have different types of coverage, depending on the destination and type of trip, also, the coverage can be modified according to the needs of the traveler.  

In particular, a travel insurance is useful for those who want to go to an isolated destination or where the health is private is therefore very expensive (for example the United States). If you plan to travel more than once a year, you will find yourself in a “risk” situation more often than others and could therefore benefit from travel insurance. Travelers under the age of 25, who are often on study trips abroad, can benefit greatly from travel insurance. A travel insurance policy is a help for those who want to enjoy their holiday instead of wasting valuable days on practices, discussions and finding a solution in case of problems. It sounds like a little bit of a thing, but it’s a big deal. 

What are the main guarantees of travel insurance and how do they work? 

Traveling medical assistance 

If you need health care in Italy or abroad, the first thing you need to do is to contact the company’s 24-hour assistance centre. If the telephone company allows it, you can make a chargeable call to the recipient and facilitate the data that the company will need to facilitate health care: name of the insured, policy number, contact telephone, brief explanation of the facts and your location. For this reason, during the trip, it is essential to have this information with you at all times, you can find it in the certificate that you will receive by email once you have purchased the insurance policy. 

Depending on the type of medical care you need, you will book a visit to the nearest medical centre or hospital to treat your health problem. Travel medical insurance provides access to the best public and private hospitals in Italy and abroad. In this case, you will not need to advance money to receive health care, because the insurance company, in contact with the hospital staff, will ensure that the latter provides you with the health coverage appropriate to your specific case. In the case of minor health care expenses or small pharmaceutical expenses, they will be reimbursed upon presentation of invoices and receipts to the company. 

Travel accidents 

The insurance company will provide compensation in the event of accidents occurring during the trip caused by violent and unintentional action. Compensation is provided in the event of an accident, permanent disability or death. 

Baggage insurance 

Baggage insurance covers and protects against all baggage problems that may arise when you travel and that may be multiple: your luggage is not delivered to you, the airline delays the delivery of your luggage and you are forced to buy items of basic necessity to continue your journey, your luggage is lost by the airline or, during the outward journey, your luggage was stolen.  The travel insurance will help you not only to recover your luggage, but also to be reimbursed for the expenses you had to incur or to receive compensation for the value of your luggage in case it was impossible to find it.   


Also for third party liability, commonly known as RCT, it is strongly recommended to take out travel insurance. When traveling, in addition to medical expenses and repatriation, it is very important that the policy includes Civil Liability coverage. If you involuntarily cause damage to a third party during your trip, you can recover your compensation and legal costs with InterMundial’s Civil Liability travel insurance.  

Air delay 

Usually a delayed flight or cancellation of a flight are some of the major concerns for travelers. Travel insurance is very useful in such cases, helps to speed up the resolution of the problem and offers financial compensation. In addition, this type of policy protects you if, due to your delayed flight or flight cancellation, you lose some previously contracted bookings, such as hotel nights, excursion tickets, etc., and you are unable to pay for them.

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